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Super Nut Industrial Co., Ltd.


Blind Rivet Nuts, Cold Forging Parts, Brass Inserts, Self Clinching Parts & CNC Machined Parts

Founded in 1975, Super Nut Industrial Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to making quality fasteners in Chang Hua, Taiwan.

The company began by utilizing one-die-two-blow cold headers to produce rivets, leather hardware, and binding posts. Later, the manufacturing process was expanded to include modern multi-stage cold forging to expand the variety of products.Today this manufacturer turns out a wide range of fasteners, including blind rivet nuts with standard and custom specifications, special blind rivets, solid and hollow rivets, sex bolts, insert nuts, binding posts, self clinching studs, nuts and standoffs, brass inserts, and CNC machined parts. All of these products can be made to order with any combination of materials.

To insure consistent quality, the company conducts its manufacturing processes in accordance with international standards and employs a variety of quality control measures. A variety of inspection instruments are used in this process, such as tensile force & tension testers, 3D projectors, hardness meters, and optical sorting machines. All tests are conducted at the factory which has been certified with ISO 9001:2008.

This company is capable of OEM (original equipment manufacturing) as well, which is backed by its consummate in-house production capabilities: from mold developing, to follow-up processing such as threading, tapping, riveting, soldering, spot welding, turning and heat treatment to electroplating, anodic treating, roast painting, and black-dyeing.

While maintaining prompt deliveries and competitive prices, this seasoned manufacturer also helps customers with drawing, prototyping, and professional problem-solving services aimed at fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with its clients.

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