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Hand tool kits
H0401 手工具組

Precision tool sets
H0402 精密工具組

Hand tools in general
H0405 一般手工具

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H0801 刀具/折彎器

Pipe cutters
H0804 截管器

Steel cutters
H0805 钢材切割器

Bolt cutters
H0807 螺栓切割器

Tubing cutters
H0808 管料切割器

Cutting tools in general
H0824 一般裁切工具

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Wrenches/spanners in general
H1001 一般扳手/扳鉗

Adjustable wrenches
H1002 活動扳手

Open-end wrenches
H1003 開口扳手

Swivel drive wrenches
H1004 旋轉扳手

Box (offset/oval/S-shape) wrenches
H1005 套筒(直角/扁圓/S型)扳手

Ratchet box wrenches
H1006 棘輪套筒扳手

Combination wrenches
H1007 組合扳手

Hex-key wrenches
H1008 六角扳手

Torque wrenches
H1009 扭力扳手

Micrometer adjustable wrenches
H1010 分厘活動扳鉗

Speed wrenches
H1011 快速扳手

Tire lever wrenches
H1012 裝胎槓桿扳手

Flare nut wrenches
H1015 螺帽扳手

Pipe wrenches
H1017 管扳鉗

Micrometer torque wrenches
H1018 分厘扭力扳手

Gearless boxed wrenches
H1020 無齒輪套筒扳手

Standard combination wrenches
H1021 標準型組合扳手

Gearless combination wrenches
H1022 無齒輪組合扳手

Non-slip combination wrenches
H1023 防滑型組合扳手

Socket adapters
H1033 套筒轉接頭

Socket wrench sets & sockets
H1034 套筒扳手組/套筒

L-bend socket wrenches
H1036 L型套筒扳手

T-bend socket wrenches
H1037 T型套筒扳手

Y-bend socket wrenches
H1038 Y型套筒扳手

Sparkplug wrenches
H1039 火星塞用扳手

Infinity socket wrenches
H1040 強力套筒扳手

Anti-slip impact sockets
H1041 止滑衝擊套筒

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Pliers (nippers) in general
H1201 一般鉗子(鑷子)

Cutting pliers
H1202 鋼絲鉗

Cable-cutting pliers
H1203 電纜剪切鉗

Long-nose pliers
H1204 長頭鉗

Bend-nose pliers
H1205 彎頭鉗

Flat-nose pliers
H1206 平頭鉗

Round-nose pliers
H1207 圓頭鉗

Diagonal cutting pliers
H1208 對角剪鉗

Universal (grip) pliers/locking pliers
H1209 萬能鉗(夾鉗)/鎖緊鉗

Slip-joint pliers
H1210 滑節鉗(魚口鉗)

Water pump pliers/pipe pliers
H1211 抽水機鉗/管鉗

Locking pliers
H1215 鎖緊鉗

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Automatic screwdrivers
H1402 自動螺絲起子

Nut drivers
H1404 螺帽起子

Impact screwdrivers
H1405 衝擊起子

Magnetic screwdrivers
H1406 磁力起子

Ratchet screwdrivers
H1410 棘輪起子

Precision screwdrivers
H1411 精密起子

Screwdriver bits
H1413 起子刀頭

Torque drivers
H1414 扭力起子

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H1601 一般鎚子

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Other Painting Tools
H1804 其他油漆工具

H1805 刮刀

H1817 衝頭

Caulking Guns/Glue Guns
H1819 打糊槍(膠槍)

Hand riveters
H1825 手動鉚釘槍

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Measuring Tools
H2005 小型測量工具

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Electronic Repair Kits
H2201 一般電工用工具

Wire/cable strippers
H2202 電線/電纜剝線鉗

Crimping Tools
H2203 剝線鉗, 壓著工具

Cable/wire/wire rope cutters
H2206 電纜/電線/鋼絲裁切器

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Bicycle Repair Tools
H2401 腳踏車維修工具

Motorcycle tools sets
H2402 摩托車維修工具組

Auto Repair Tools
H2403 汽車維修工具

Grease Guns and Fittings
H2413 黃油槍(嘴)

Equipment for Automobile Repair Plants
H2415 汽車修護廠配備

Auto Repair Accessories
H2416 汽車修護配件

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Magnetic tools
H2807 磁性工具

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Vises in general
H3201 一般虎鉗

Clamps in general
H3204 一般夾具

H3205 C型夾

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Garden tools in general
H3401 一般園藝工具

H3408 修剪機

H3411 小鏟子

Garden hoses
H3414 塑膠軟管

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Powered tools in general
H4401 一般電動工具

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Pneumatic hand tools in general
H4601 一般氣動手工具

Air tools general
H4604 一般氣動工具

Air Drills
H4605 氣動鑽

Impact Wrenches & Air Sockets
H4606 衝擊扳鉗 & 氣動套筒

Air ratchet wrenches
H4607 氣動棘輪扳手

Air hammers
H4608 氣動鎚

Abrasive grinding wheels, pneumatic
H4611 氣動砂磨輪

Air saws
H4613 氣動鋸

Air Screwdrivers
H4614 氣動起子

Air tackers/air staple guns/air nailing tools
H4616 氣動釘槍/氣動打釘槍/氣動打釘工具

Air spray guns
H4617 氣動噴槍

Pneumatic/hydraulic riveters
H4622 空/油壓鉚釘機

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Tool holders (tool bags/baskets/boxes/buckets/pouches)
H5205 工具包 (工具袋/籃/箱/桶/小袋)

Gearless ratchet wrench handles
H5212 無齒棘輪扳手握把

Other Hand Tool Parts & Accessories
H5218 其他手工具零配件

Air Tool Accessories
H5220 氣動工具配件

H5235 锁

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H9001 螺帽

H9003 螺絲

H9008 華司

Other Fasteners
H9024 其他緊固件

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H0000 其他

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